About - Lamchop Photography

Johnny W. Lam

A passion for the arts, technically inclined fashionably sensitive and star gazer.

Born In: Canton, China moved to the United States when I was a year and a half years old.

Lives Now: New York, NY

Occupation:  IT Architecture / Solutions Engineer

Stuff I’m Proud Of:

• Uncle to 6 amazing nephews and nieces 4 boys and 2 girls

• Featured and published on Windows Devices Blog ( Formerly Nokia Conversations ) for
"The stories behind 8 stunning Nokia Lumia cityscape photos"
• First Impressions via Windows Devices Blog - "Lumia 920 & First Impressions"
• My very own NYC theme @ Microsoft Personalization Gallery - 2012 
• Published on www.wearejuxt.com for 1000 Words Windows Phone Experience

• National Geographic #Yourshot NYC community leader

• Various awards & honorable mentions

• I am able to do most computer stuff, like setting up Enterprise, Small Business, and Home environments

Besides photography, I am a IT Professional who made the transition back in 2005 when the print industry was starting to die off slowly and the internet was/is the Mecca of information & Consumption.

Side note:: Besides Photography, computers, outdoor activities, basketball, listening to music, spend time with children and try to understand the development stages at an early age.

So yeah! shoot me an email so we can network, or schedule an session for your needs!

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